Bound In Time (Trailer)

Bound In Time is the first collaborative effort by Benjamin Maestas and Rainbow Fletcher, a site specific dance performed within and around Post Alley in Pike Place Market. Bound in Time is inspired by the rich history of the site and explores the passage of time and the vestiges left behind. Featured performances by Benjamin Maestas, Rainbow Fletcher, Jess Klein and live accompaniment by violinist Teo Benson. Film by: Jonathan Houser. The piece premiered on September 12, 2014. The performance was part of Dance This Way and presented by partnering organizations Friends of the Waterfront Seattle, Space.City, and the Market Foundation as part of the Seattle Design Festival.

A Meeting In An Unlikely Place

This short film was created in collaboration with Doug Arney featuring performers Ezra Dickinson and Benjamin Maestas III.

A Meeting In An Unlikely Place

This short film documented A Meeting In An Unlikely Place.  The performance took place August 1, 2013 in Nord Alley in Pioneer Square in Seattle, Washington .  There were four performances begining at 6pm and every hour on the hour thereafter. 

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